Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thai Green Curry Chicken - Paleo Friendly

Who wants Curry?

This curry is definitely Paleo-Friendly. Here are the ingredients;

1 Can of Organic Coconut milk/cream
1 lb of Chicken breast
1 tbsp Green curry paste (choose one with all natural ingredient)
4-5 organics baby thai egg plants
6 mint leaves

You can put on top of rice if you aren't paleo girl.
How to:
1. Heat coconut milk in pan, add paste, low heat, stir until they mixed well.
2. add cube chopped chicken breast, medium-low heat, cook til chicken almost turn well
3. add egg plants wait about 5 mins til boiled add a bit water if dry out
4. seasoning by fish sauce(vert little bit), reduce heat when adding.
5. put in bowl, seasoning by mint leaves, ready to serve.

Green Curry with Chicken.